‘100 million euro’ saved Barca president, “saved the team from financial ruin!”

President Juan Laporta is saving Barcelona. He is restoring a team that was in financial straits.

Barcelona has been in serious financial trouble lately. Chairman Joseph Bartomeu, who took office since 2014, completely destroyed the team 메이저사이트through clumsy club management. The team’s salary cap was lowered due to excessive spending on transfer fees for player recruitment, and eventually made it impossible to renew the contract with Lionel Messi, the ‘symbol of the team’.

In the end, the newly appointed chairman Laporta began to change Barcelona from 2021. Laporta, who ran the team as the 38th president from 2003 to 2010, took charge of the team once again. Chairman Laporta prioritized overcoming financial difficulties. He still tried to save money as much as possible in difficult circumstances. He made changes by signing players as free agents (FA) and reducing the salaries of existing players.

With the efforts of President Laporta, Barcelona’s finances began to revive to some extent. In the transfer market last summer, he succeeded in recruiting major players by raising funds by selling La Liga broadcasting rights, Spotify club naming rights, and shares in Barça Studios.

When a high-level player joined the team, naturally, there was a big change in performance. Unfortunately, in the European Football Federation (UFEA) Champions League (UCL), it was eliminated from the group stage, but La Liga remains in first place alone. Recently, they beat Real Madrid to win the Supercopa.

This is the result of President Laporta, who has made positive changes to the team so far. President Laporta explained the team’s financial condition in an interview.

He said, “We recruited players for 215 million euros (approximately 291.4 billion won) and sold them for 141 million euros (approximately 191.1 billion won). A competitive team at 74 million euros (approximately 100.3 billion won). “We also cut our wage bill by around 100 million euros. We plan to cut another 70 million euros. We saved Barcelona from financial ruin.”